Info about Newark NJ Data Center

A while back Linode added another data center as an option to its clients. I thought I would showcase a little of the info I found out about it:

  • Located in Newark New Jersy
  • Operated by NAC
  • Linode picked this to provide better performance for non United States customers

So far it sounds like customers have greatly enjoyed this new option. I personally have not switched my site over to it since things have been running great for me so far, but here is what others are saying:

  • nwrk reports a 30ms and 75ms better ping time to England.
  • tofu reports an even better ping time for him through Belgium
  • pd reports a 25ms better ping time to Northern Germany
  • simlun reports a 36ms better ping time in Sweeden
  • Even Peet in South Africa reported a better ping time

NOTE: You can view these reports for yourself: check out this Linode Blog Post.