This site reviews the Linode VPS service. I have been using their service for quite some time and have found myself often referring them to my friends and colleges. Because of this I have created this site. I hope you find it helpful as you look into Linode's service.

Check out Linode's Service

Linode is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) system also referred to as a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS). This means that if you host through Linode you are on a system that has the appearance and capabilities of a dedicated server but with fewer system resources. This means it costs significantly less. I started by hosting on a shared hosting site (where I got a great deal – less than $5/month). However, once I started paying attention to my site I realized that many times it would be offline. I asked around on some hosting forums and everybody told me that this is the problem with all shared hosting services and to go with a VPS.

Enter Linode
I discovered this service through word of mouth (which I found out was the only way they advertised). A buddy told me to check it out and I was amazed. They were significantly cheaper than any other VPS service I had found and they provided more storage, memory, and bandwidth than their competitors. They offered a trial period and I only had to pay month to month so I jumped in and began getting my hands dirty.

Linode's Support
This is when I first fell in love with Linode because of one main features that I use all the time: Their real time chat service. I wanted to set up my box with a full hosting system. This meant Linux, Apache, mySQL, and an Email service (Postfix). Coming from a Windows background I did not know how to do this. However, within just a couple minutes of asking questions in their chat room I was off and running. Within no time I had a full hosting system online and I began moving my sites over from my old shared hosting account. This Real Time Chat service by itself made me want to stick with Linode. Along with this though I was amazed at how fast my website responded and how it was online all the time. This is because, with Linode, you are the only person on your VPS so if someone elses site goes crazy it doesn't affect you.

As my site became more popular and as I added ten other sites I decided to upgrade from my Linode 360 account to the Linode 540 account. This took less than 5 minutes and in the end I was able to continue growing my websites and had no downtime for my visitors. As I've continued with Linode I have continuously been impressed with their support and service. I highly recommend them to all my friends.

If you want to find out more about hosting through Linode I suggest you check it out:
Click here to view there hosting services (and get 10% off if you book for a year).